Judy Shannon, RDH, CDA, M Ed

Judy Shannon made her first trip to Los Encinitos with Cape CARES in 2008. Judy spends her time providing education and dental care with the other dental team members. Upon her return she is able to share her experience with her students at Massasoit Community College where she is Director of the Dental Assisting Program. Judy donates her time locally to the Elder Dental Program and free time with her family.

Vice President
Warren T. Johnson, MD

Warren Johnson is a Family Medicine Physician in Brighton Colorado, a small farming town on the plains, but within sight of the Rocky Mountains. He has made more than 13 trips with Cape CARES, the first to El Algodonal, a trip in 2015 to Los Encinitos, and the remainder to San Marcos. Warren grew up in NY City and Middletown, Connecticut, but has lived in Colorado since 1975. He has 2 daughters, Hana Lasell in Worcester, MA, who has been to San Marcos twice, and Julia Johnson in NY City, who has volunteered once. Warren's wife, Diane Tribbett, originally from Buffalo NY, is a Denver Public School instructional coach/administrator who has served on four San Marcos trips. Warren is also involved in University Colorado teaching, the Colorado Medical Board, the National Board of Medical Examiners, and Colorado non-profit organizations. Warrenand Diane do many outdoor activities: bicycle, run, hike, ski, climb, camp. In addition, they travel extensively in Central America.

Jenifer Bakewell, BS, RN

Jen has been a Cape CARES medical team volunteer since 2012, and has been gratified and enriched by working with and serving the Honduran people. An RN, having worked in dialysis, acute care, geriatrics, and home health, Jen presently serves on the Red Cross Disaster Health Services team, as a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer, and as Mid-Cape Fresh Air Fund Chairman and host parent. Jen enjoys sharing the many activities and abundant beauty that living on Cape Cod offers with partner, Alan.

Co-Director of Dentists
Randall Baldwin, DMD

Randall Baldwin has lived in Ridgefield, CT for more than forty-five years. He practiced dentistry in Ridgefield until May of 2013 when he and his wife, Mary Ann, retired. This allows him to devote more time to Cape CARES. He went on his first Cape CARES trip in March 1991 to San Jose. Since that time he has been to the Cape CARES sites of Los Encinitos, Goascoran, El Algodonal, Zamorano, as well as to the exploratory sites in Danli and La Ceiba. He helped open the San Marcos site in 2000 and has been there one or more times a year since then. Randy was born in Bethesda, MD, in 1944. He attended college at Northwestern U. in Evanston, IL, and dental school at the U. of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In his retirement, he plans to spend more time in his workshop at his home and more time on his sailboat, CABADY. Randy joined the Cape CARES board in 2005 and served for six years, four of them as co-president. He was re-elected to the board in 2012, and became president once again in Fall of 2013.

Co-Director of Dentists
David Jacobs, DMD, MBA

David Jacobs has been involved with Cape CARES since 1999. He has led numerous teams to Los Encinitos and his volunteers keep coming back to serve on his teams. David is married with 3 children and practices and resides in Massachusetts. In addition to his family, dentistry and Cape CARES, David's interests include martial arts, alternative energy, gardening and raising chickens.

Co-Director of Physicians
Jerry Sobieraj, MD

Jerry came to the Boston area from Detroit in 1984 to begin his medical residency at Boston University. Primary care for the underserved has been his passion. He spent two months in Ecuador in 1987, which fostered his desire to serve in Latin America. He did not return to the region until 2011 when he made his first trip to Honduras. After several trips to Honduras and Nicaragua, Jerry decided to focus his efforts with Cape CARES. He appreciated the organization’s efficiency and continuity of care. Jerry served on his first Cape CARES team in 2013 in San Marcos, and has worked to build the Apacilagua site along with our local partner, Agrolibanno. In 2005, Jerry completed his work on a Master's Program in Computer Science at Boston University. Since 2006, he has worked in the clinical data warehouse at Boston Medical Center. He runs to stay in shape so he can play hockey a couple times a week, even in the summer.

Co-Director of Physicians
Dale Wiersma, MD

Dale lives in Zeeland, Michigan. He is a physician (Internal Medicine), currently working as Regional Division Chief in Acute Car Medicine. His first trip with Cape CARES was in April 2011 to Los Encinitos. Since then, Dale has returned to Los Encinitios with the same team yearly. He is married, and he and his wife, Ila, and have two grown children, Sarah and Nathan. Sarah is a nurse and hopes to come on a Cape CARES trip. Dale's son, Nathan, is a graduate student in Geology. Dale's other interests include learning to understand and speak Spanish. He attended a language immersion school in Costa Rica and continues learning with friends and patients. During the summer months, Dale and Ila are avid bicyclists and enjoy riding their tandem around the Midwest.

Martha Edwards, RN

Martha was born in the Netherlands and worked as a registered nurse. She came to the States in 1967, and more or less stayed, except for 1 year. As of 2013, she has served on 23 Cape CARES trips. Martha and her husband, Bob, have 2 children, 3 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Martha tells folks who ask her how she feels about helping the people in Honduras that she is “…very lucky to be part of a team that makes a difference somewhere in the world for people and I am part of their life as they are of mine”.

Christopher J. Grace, MD

Chris has been an infectious diseases specialist at the University of Vermont College of Medicine since 1987. He was the director of Infectious Diseases at the University of Vermont Medical Center from 1992 till 2016. He lives with his wife, Julie, an oncologist. He and Julie have a single daughter who is studying at the University of Vermont. He has done volunteer work in Thailand and Haiti and teaching in Costa Rica. His first trip with Cape Cares was in March 2014 to the San Marcos clinic. He has also volunteered at the Los Encinitos clinic.

Alice Sager, CDT

Alice made her first trip to San Marcos in October 2015, As a Certified Dental Technician it became her quest to help establish a dental laboratory as part of the dental facility. In turn the lab would provide dental prosthetics to the people of San Marcos. Returning in March of 2016 this became a reality, providing smiles to the people of San Marcos are now a passion. Currently living in Phoenix, AZ, Alice provides Performance Improvements and Productivity Consulting services to Dental Laboratories across the U.S, and is actively involved with the AZ Mission of Mercy dental organization. Free time enjoyment is friends, family, hiking, scuba, travel, nature, sports and music.

Omar Santiago, BSN

Omar Santiago, B.S.N., M.S., M.B.A., recently joined Cape CARES as part of its February health brigade to Los Encinitos, where he quickly fell in love with the Honduran people and its culture. As a nurse, Omar focused his work on collaborating with the clinical team to provide care to the community of Los Encinitos. Omar is also an experienced operations management engineer and has assisted the Cape CARES team in identifying opportunities for enhancement of both services and processes. Omar is employed by Cambridge Health Alliance as the Director of Performance Improvement for Ambulatory Services and Primary Care. Omar holds a masters degree in business administration, a masters in operations research, a bachelors degree in electrical engineering, and a bachelors degree in nursing (BSN). Omar makes his home in Massachusetts, is a native of Puerto Rico, and speaks Spanish fluently.

Jane Hopkins Walsh, CPNP

Jane made her first CapeCARES trip to Los Encinitos in 2012 .She was elated to have found an organization that allowed her to combine Primary Care and International Service because that was her dream job when she chose nursing. Jane graduated from Boston University and studied abroad in Bogotá, Colombia where she became fluent in Spanish. She later received an MSN in Maternal Child Health from Boston College and has spent her career working with underserved populations, including Mexican migrant farm families in Colorado, children born to drug-addicted, alcoholic and incarcerated women; and homeless adolescents. She has practiced as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care at Boston Children's Hospital, working mainly with Latino families, for over 25 years. Jane has 4 children and lives with her husband in Newton, MA. She is a textile artist with too many passions including art, yoga, running, gardening, cooking, oceans, and live music.

Honduran Trip Coordinator
Norma Urbina

Where would we be without Norma Urbina? Before a team even arrives in Honduras, Norma is making the arrangements that will ensure that our volunteers are safe, comfortable, and well fed while in-country. Simultaneously, Norma informs the Honduran people that Cape CARES volunteers will be arriving soon and will be providing them with the care they so desperately need. Norma was born in Olanchito Yoro, Honduras. She is the youngest of three --- her brother is the oldest; her sister, Susie, whom many of us have had the pleasure of meeting, is in the middle. After studying business administration in college in La Ceiba, Norma moved to Tegucigalpa and became the Administrator for the Knights of Malta. She has been a member of the Knights since 1994 and, as a member, has been assisting Cape CARES in its efforts for more than 20 years.


Cape CARES is an independent, nonprofit humanitarian organization. It is unaffiliated with and not a subsidiary of any other organization.