Cape CARES sends volunteer teams to its clinics — located in remote, mountainous areas of Honduras — to provide free medical and dental care to people who have no access to care. Because we return to our clinics 3 times per year, we are able to offer follow-up care to the men, women, and children we treated on previous visits.

We provide skills, supplies, and the educational training necessary to achieve a higher level of health and well-being for the villagers. With the ongoing enhancement of our services, we are able to implement preventive health care programs.

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In The News    Coronavirus
Honduras reported its first cases of Coronavirus on March 11th. Both had returned from travel in Europe. Since then, several cases have appeared which did not have a travel history outside of Honduras. The governement of Honduras has now imposed travel restrictions for both travelers from abroad, and internally. Since the safety of our brigade voluteers and the people we serve in Honduras are our primary concern, the Cape Cares Board of Directors has decided to cancel our May and June trips. The communities we serve in Los Encinitos and San Marcos depend on our support. Hence, we will offer each community financial compensation, to ensure the people in the community who support our work, do not suffer unduly from these cancelations. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Honduran Brigade Update.....We plan to host brigades this fall in both Los Encinitos and San Marcos. Our hope is that by then, the coronavirus pandemic will be receding, so we can continue our support of those communities. Our trip fees are 100% refundable if a trip is canceled, so no worries if you decide to apply now!

Thinking of Volunteering? - If you would like to help Cape Cares with its primary care focus by joining a brigade, please email us at or call us at 508-631-4848. If you would like to complete a volunteer form to let us know about your intersts, and preferred travel times, the Trip Dates link below will take you there!

Cape CARES is an independent, nonprofit humanitarian organization. It is unaffiliated with and not a subsidiary of any other organization.