Cape CARES sends volunteer teams to its clinics — located in remote, mountainous areas of Honduras — to provide free medical and dental care to people who have no access to care. Because we return to our clinics 3 times per year, we are able to offer follow-up care to the men, women, and children we treated on previous visits.

We provide skills, supplies, and the educational training necessary to achieve a higher level of health and well-being for the villagers. With the ongoing enhancement of our services, we are able to implement preventive health care programs.

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In The News    Mesoamerican Nephropathy
There has been a significant increase in late stage kidney disease in rural, southern Honduras, especially in children less than 18 years of age. Resources to care for these children are limited, with only 6 pediatric nephrologists and 170 pediatricians in all of Honduras. Mesoamerican nephropathy formerly called CKD of unknown cause (CKDu), refers to CKD that presents in young, agricultural workers primarily in Central America in the absence of any clear etiology. It has emerged as leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the low altitude coastal regions neighboring Honduras. Cape CARES board member and volunteer Jane Hopkins Walsh has been collaborating with staff at Hospital Maria to study late stage kidney disease in children living in the rural communities Cape CARES serves. Thank you for you amazing work Jane!

Honduran Brigade Update.....We currently have trips to San Marcos and Los Encinitos scheduled for the fall, October and November, respectively. It will be our third visit to each site this year.

Thinking of Volunteering? - If you would like to help Cape Cares with its primary care focus by joining a brigade, please email us at or call us at 508-631-4848. If you would like to complete a volunteer form to let us know about your intersts, and preferred travel times, the Trip Dates link below will take you there!

Cape CARES is an independent, nonprofit humanitarian organization. It is unaffiliated with and not a subsidiary of any other organization.